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All About Tree Maintenance

tree-maintTrees provide us with so much, including shade, clear air, moderate temperatures and a beautiful environment. In order to enjoy all of the gifts that trees have to offer, it is necessary to maintain them.


The single most important and simple aspect of tree maintenance is watering. A standard 6-foot or 2-meter tree requires at least 30 liters of water a week. What should be understood is that young trees are not able to tap into the underground water supply due to lack of deep roots. Therefore, it is essential to water young trees at proper intervals.

The method of watering trees should be slow and deep. Avoid watering during the day (especially around noon), as a lot of water tends to evaporate. Instead, try watering early in the day or later in the evening.

Another important thing to remember is that once the tree has been planted in the ground, it is almost impossible to over water the tree. After around 4 years, the watering can be reduced gradually.


It’s also important to be vigilant about weeds when it comes to young trees. Weeds compete for water and nutrients in the soil and hinder the growth of young trees, so it is necessary to periodically carry out weeding. Adding mulch (a mixture of natural, organic materials like wood chips, dry leaves, etc) helps to increase moisture and fertility and insulates soil along with inhibiting the growth of weeds. The mulch should be slightly composted, so that it does not leach nitrogen from the soil while decomposing. The mulch should have a maximum depth of 4 to 6 inches.


Some young trees have weak stalks, so their trunks tend to bend. Staking these trees can help with maintaining proper structure as well as control over growth of the tree. In places where animals such as dogs or cats roam free, adding a guard rail around the perimeter further facilitates tree maintenance.

Tree Health

Inspecting a tree’s health is a professional’s job, but there are a few signs that can tell about a trees health. If the growth of a tree is less compared to previous years, it could be a sign of lack of proper nutrition or water, or disease and poor health. Smaller leaves can be a sign of dehydration and drought.


Checking for dead branches will help bring any problems to light. Dead branches are hard and snap when bent, but healthy branches are easy to bend and supple. The bark of a tree should not be loose or peeling off (apart from certain trees like eucalyptus or maple). Wilting of a tree may be due to lack of water, too little sun, or disease, but it also may be due to other causes like overfertilization or overwatering.

Pruning is another important task in tree maintenance. Pruning helps to increase visibility and public safety. Pruning requires knowing terms such as branch ridge, which is the raised area where the branch meets the parent stem or truck, and branch collar, which is the area just around the branch ridge. (The branch collar is part of the parent stem or trunk.) While cutting, it is important to remember to cut as close to the branch collar as possible, but not cut the collar or ridge. The most common way of pruning a branch is to cut the major part of the branch first, while leaving about a foot or so of branch connected to the trunk. This small part of the branch can then be pruned with precision, thus preventing any damage to the branch ridge and collar.

Best Winter Trees

Planting trees is a great way to not only add a unique visual appeal to your property, but to increase your property’s curb appeal as well. If you’re looking for trees that look especially beautiful during the winter season, then be sure to consider some of these following options:

  • The Coral Bark Maple – This tree is perfect for smaller spaces. This gorgeous specimen boasts bright coral-colored branches and beautiful green foliage. During the fall as the temperature begins to drop, the foliage will transform into stunning shades of red and orange. During the winter the branches will take on a unique red look, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Be sure to plant the tree in well-drained soil and in an area that receives full sunlight but still offers some shade in the afternoons.
  • The Colorado Blue Spruce – This type of blue spruce is perfect for medium-sized properties due to its size and its slow rate of growth. Out of all the blue spruce varieties, the Colorado blue spruce is the most blue. It also boasts an elegant shape, which it maintains even when layered with heavy snow. Although the tree offers a touch of color to any property throughout the year, it is during the wintertime when it is covered with snow or frost that it looks at its best. Plant in acidic, well-drained soil in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.
  • The Himalayan Birch – This medium-sized tree is sure to draw the eye in any winter garden due to its chalk-white branches and trunk. Its bark also has a creamy look that appears to have a pinkish hue during the winters. In addition to being beautiful additions to any property, the Himalayan birch is easy to maintain as it can be planted in a wide variety of conditions, such as alkaline or acidic soils and in dry or wet areas.
  • Tibetan Cherry – This tree tends to offer properties a fantastic look throughout the year. During the spring, the tree will sprout small white flowers and in the fall its leaves will transform into red and amber. However, it’s an especially popular choice among property owners due to its mahogany-like bark that peels at a young age.

If you are in need of tree services, such as trimming or tree removal, in the Southeastern Pennsylvania or Delaware areas, then contact Rick’s Tree Service, your quality tree service near Philadelphia.

Winter Tree Maintenance

Anyone with trees on their property is lucky to have them. Trees offer shade from the sun not to mention a beautiful natural feature to their landscape that improves the curb appeal of their property. However, having trees on your property means that you have to maintain them – they are just like shrubs and other plants in that they need to be trimmed regularly. The following are a few of the main reasons why tree maintenance is so important:

  • Aesthetic Value – Trimming your property’s trees will keep them looking beautiful. By allowing branches to grow every which way without trimming them, your trees will end up looking crowded. Not to mention that they can end up completely blocking out the sunlight or disturbing your view from your home if their branches aren’t trimmed down on a regular basis.
  • Safety – In some cases, trimming your trees is necessary for safety purposes. Dead branches that simply hang there are a risk to anyone or anything below. The last thing you want is for a heavy wind to come in and knock these dead branches loose, causing property damage or potential injuries to anyone below. Branches that grow too close to your home or to nearby power lines should be cut back as well.
  • Health – Trimming the branches of a tree provides the tree with health benefits as well. For one, properly trimming back the branches of a healthy tree will help to promote the healthy growth of new branches. Sometimes, branches can be infected by disease. In cases such as these, the branches need to be removed immediately to avoid having the disease spread throughout the entire tree. Branches that have been infested with insects should also be removed in order to prevent the spread of the infestation throughout the rest of the tree.

These are just a few reasons why you should regularly maintain your property’s trees. If you are in need of tree trimming services, be sure to contact Rick’s Tree Service, your tree service Southeastern PA. They provide a number of services that include tree trimming, deadwood removal, hazard assessments, complete tree removal, stump removal, lot and land clearing, timber buying and more. Be sure to contact Rick’s Tree Service for more information about their services in the Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware areas.

Winter Tree Care

Trees are known for being strong and stable throughout the seasons. Winter trees can withstand cold temperatures and can bring character and beauty to a landscape. However, they still need to be looked after to ensure that they are healthy and undamaged. There are a few ways to maintain vital trees throughout the winter season.

First, trim trees to get rid of old branches and leaves that are hanging. This will help the health of the tree and give it a groomed look. Pruning is one of the best ways to care for trees during the winter. This is important during storms and bad weather, as they can wreak havoc on trees. Make sure they are firmly rooted and the area is clear of fallen branches.

Make sure trees are watered. The cold weather can zap them of moisture. This is important especially for potted trees. Also, make sure they are clear of snow and ice, as it can weigh branches down.

Keep a look out for animals that might try to eat leaves or berries off of trees. Squirrels, rabbits, and other critters can leave scratches, bite marks, and break branches.

If you are looking for help in the maintenance of your trees, Rick’s Tree Service can help. They provide services for winter care, including tree trimming, maintenance, and storm debris removal. Their hardworking staff will help you with any concerns you have about the health of your trees this winter season. They provide tree trimming Radnor, tree trimming Chester Springs, tree trimming Wilmington, tree trimming Hockessin, tree trimming Newark, and many other locations throughout Southeastern PA & DE.

Tree Services for Fall

Considering professional tree services as fall approaches? You take care of your lawn, fertilize it, prune it and ensure that it is free from pests, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your trees, which are after all, an extension of your lawn? Trees require the basic care and attention that any other part of a lawn does. Trees are vulnerable to weather changes, soil conditions and pests too. Additionally, trees have some unique challenges. Did you know that in certain parts of the United States, there are fungi that parasitically attack trees? With fall fast approaching, there are a few general tree services you should address to prepare your trees for the upcoming seasons.

Tree Services for Fall Offered by Tree Removal and Land Clearing Specialists

If it’s the first time having tree services for fall, you should have them evaluated – for all intents and purposes, a tree check up. It is important to know your trees’ current conditions for effective maintenance. Understanding pests and diseases which affect trees in your area is invaluable to keeping your plants healthy. As part of their “check up,” treating them against pests and weather conditions is a must.

Monitoring and regulating the soil quality of your trees’ locations is also very important. Checking the soil will allow you and your service provider to create a fertilization schedule. Trees benefit from timely fertilization, but if you provide too much fertilizer, it can actually end up harming your trees. Also, pruning is a small but essential responsibility for keeping your trees healthy and beautiful.

If you are looking for a true professional to help you with your fall maintenance needs in Delaware or the Philadelphia area, try Rick’s Tree Service. Rick’s Tree Service has been providing quality fall tree services since 1992 and can tackle any tree need, whether big or small. From pruning and maintenance, to hazard assessment and removal, Rick’s can handle it. Should you find yourself with an emergency at an awkward hour, Rick’s will be there even then with their 24 hour emergency services.

Tree Care Tips for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to plant a new tree and make sure your older trees are ready for the winter ahead. Rick’s Tree Service can take care of any of your last-minute fall tree care needs and help get your trees ready to come back lively in the spring. Follow these Ten Tips for Caring for Trees in the Fall and you’ll have beautiful, healthy trees for seasons to come.

1. Use the fall to plant any saplings you’ve been thinking about. Mild fall temperatures and increased precipitation give young trees a great opportunity to develop strong root networks.

2. Any trees that are not fully established, as well as the ones planted from above, should be staked and secured in place. Cold snaps and low/freezing temperatures can be hard on a tree’s stability.

3. Any tree that has rotten or dying limbs should be pruned. When snow and ice build up on tree limbs, the extra weight can cause breakage and potential damage.

4. If any tree branches are hanging over power lines or service lines, get them trimmed. The limb doesn’t need to be fully removed, but taking off some of the excess can ensure safe power lines during the winter.

5. Tree limbs, or entire trees that are rotting or dying, should be removed. If a tree is struggling during the fall, it most likely won’t make it through a hard winter, so removing the tree and planting a new sapling while you can is the best option.

6. Bug problems should be dealt with now as well. Bugs will only burrow deeper when the cold winter comes, which means more destruction inside the tree system.

7. Watering should be continued throughout the fall, especially on saplings and decaying trees.

8. Aerate roots that are in packed dirt, or near heavily trafficked areas. Roots need to breathe, and giving them one last good breath before winter will help them make it to spring.

9. Keep mulch a good height. Similar to aerating, too much mulch will cause root suffocation and hurt the tree.

10. Setup and prune your trees so that when next spring arrives, a clean slate can be built on.

These Ten Tips for Caring for Trees in the Fall will help your trees live through the winter and thrive in the spring.  Contact Rick’s Tree Service for any tree needs, including tree trimming and removal.

How to Prep Your Garden for Winter

Ah Fall, what an incredible time of year! Autumn is settling in over the Midwest, and with it comes promises of tree foliage exploding with vivid colors, bond fires with friends and family, and holiday traditions to celebrate. With all of the excitement that Fall brings, it’s far too easy to get caught up in all the activities and neglect lawn and garden cleanup duties that need to be finished before the first frost hits. While these basic steps can be irksome, they ensure that all of the hard work you invested in early spring and summer was not wasted. Let’s take a look at some simple Fall Garden Cleanup tricks that will save you time and money in the upcoming growing season.

First, if your garden has suffered a bout of late blight, the time to act is now! Remove all plant parts, including bits of vegetables and leafy material, double bag it and send it off with the trash. The live spores snuggled in the plant matter are extremely difficult to kill, so removal is the only sure way to rid your garden of the disease. Once the food source is removed, the live spores will die in the winter months. While you’re at it, remove any diseased foliage from your flowerbeds and get it out to the trash as well; your roses and peonies will thank you for it.

Speaking of flowers, consider leaving your seed and berry-producing flowers out for the birds, and other wildlife, to snack on rather than throwing them out. You’ll enjoy watching nature thrive in your own back yard and feel good about helping the little guys out during the cold winter months.

It is also a good idea to consider leaving certain vegetables in the ground over the winter months, to help control pests. Veggies such as kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and radishes will attract wire worms during the winter months, but as the vegetables decompose in the springtime, they release cyanide compounds that will kill off the destructive worms. It’s a win-win situation.

There are plenty of other ways to handle your own Fall Garden Cleanup, including leaf and tree limb disposal, and the people at Rick’s Tree Service are here to help. Stop by your local tree service website, Rick’s Tree Service, and see how this family-owned and operated company can make your Fall clean-up routine a little easier.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Outdoor spaces are being reclaimed as living areas by many people who entertain regularly. Planning holiday parties often requires thinking about how the home will be decorated. Halloween  brings out the creativity in many people who know that their neighborhood will be explored by hundreds of adults and children. Here are a few ideas for creating outdoor Halloween decor.

Outdoor living spaces are often near porches, pools, athletic courts, seating arrangements, or outdoor kitchen areas. Creating design features that can be seen when passing by the property and while in outdoor rooms is possible when the key points of interest work with the natural surroundings. Trees are

 not always seen as an asset when purchasing a new home. The natural landscaping can be tailored to tell a story or provide a shocking experience. Themed Halloween parties or murder mystery dinners can lead guests around the property to find certain goblins hanging in the trees.

Hanging faux skeletons or life like images of favorite characters from popular horror movies from the trees on the property is one way to create a creepy ambiance. Spider webs that glisten under the moonlight can have large spiders hung on one or multiple trees around the property. Think about personal tastes when choosing outdoor decorations. Having a cohesive design idea is one way to ensure that the idea is clearly understood. No one wants to have the guests asking the same questions to identify exactly what the decorations are or who the characters are.

There is no reason to attempt to place these decorations on the trees alone. Work with a professional tree service to put the decorations up and take them down. Home owners that try to use ladders with an insufficient height or level of support can easily get hurt. Trained professionals know which trees on the property would work well for the outdoor Halloween decor plan that is presented. The health of the tree is checked prior to attaching anything to the tree. Trees that are diseased or have other issues are treatable while the tree service is there.

Unsafe branches and limbs can be cut down to prevent injuring anyone who ventures onto the property The support given when hanging items on the trees are completely safe. Halloween decorations will not harm the health of the trees. Contact Rick Tree Service for a complete estimate for hanging the outdoor Halloween decor or for any other tree services you may need!

Choose the Best Christmas Tree

Before you know it the time for choosing the Christmas tree will be upon us. Many of us struggle with which tree is best for us with the height, berth, branch density and shape being just some of the factors to consider. If you are one of those families that struggle to pick the best Christmas Tree, then these points should help you in the future.

1.    Measure the space

Before you even venture off to the stores, make sure you grab the tape measure and size up where the tree is going. Write down the measurements and keep them on you. A tree that is too big will not fit in and a tree too small will seem out of place.

2.    Shake the branches

If you see a tree you like give its branch a little shake. If the tree is fresh then only a few of the needles should fall off.

3.    The base

Make sure that the base of the tree is straight and at least six inches. This will ensure your tree will fit into the base to keep it upright at your home.

4.    The right species

Did you know there are many different types of Christmas tree? If not then when you are out looking to pick the best Christmas Tree ask the shop assistance what species they are. You are looking for any of these trees: balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, noble fir or Scotch pine which all have the best richest colors, best shape, needle retention and lush branches.

5.    Decorate it

Once you have chosen your Christmas tree the only thing left to do is to get it home and decorate it; which is always fun.

When you have finished with your make sure you have a professional service dispose of it. Rick’s Tree Service is a 24 hour emergency service that can deal with any tree related problem from storm debris removal to tree trimming and removal and they provide free estimates for all services.

How to tell if your tree service is reputable

Unfortunately, not all tree service firms are trustworthy. Homeowners and business owners who need trees trimmed or removed must research area companies carefully. Often, people cannot judge the reliability of a tree service company. A tree can be a major asset in terms of aesthetic beauty and real estate value. An unreliable trimming service can easily destroy that investment.

Many factors go into being a reputable business. Some tools that consumers use are the Better Business Bureau and websites like Angie’s List. These resources often feature negative reviews of bad companies as well as positive reviews for good firms. Frequently, people choose a company because a friend, relative or other trusted person has recommended it.

Tree surgeons and other arborists can obtain certification through associations. Although most states do not require certification for tree service companies, many states offer a voluntary certification for tree experts. When inquiring into a company’s credentials, ask if they have certified tree experts on staff.

Reputable tree service firms, including Rick’s Tree Service, will have insurance to cover any damages that may occur. Rick Mammucari, owner of Rick’s, displays his proof of insurance on his website. Unreliable companies normally do not carry insurance. Typically, a homeowner’s insurance policy excludes coverage for damage by hired workers, such as workers from a tree service firm, plumbers, electricians or other service workers.

Since anyone can open a tree service firm, consumers must be vigilant in seeking out reputable firms. One of the most common problems is the verbal contract or the written estimate. Verbal agreements rarely hold up in court, and estimates — verbal or written — can change without notice. Before employing a company, get a written quote or contract.

Some of the details that a contract should include are total price, detailed description of the work to be done, the dates the work will be done and any optional work. You and the tree service should agree on any optional work, such as stacking logs for firewood, before signing the contract. A few companies pad their bills by adding fees for services rendered, including site clean-up and debris removal. Companies like Rick’s Tree Service have a reputation for not adding hidden fees.

Although businesses need state licenses to operate, these licenses do not protect the consumer from “fly-by-night” con artists. Beware of any company that goes door-to-door or posts flyers to find customers. The most of the reputable tree trimming services have a long history of operating in the area. Rick established Rick’s Tree Service in 1992, and he has built a positive reputation in the Philadelphia area and nearby Delaware regions.

Reputable tree service companies need the proper equipment to do the work. This includes everything from hand tools to large equipment, like cranes, forestry trucks, bucket trucks, stump removers and other specialty machinery. When assessing a company, ask what type equipment the workers will use. Another important issue is safety. Dependable firms consider the safety of their workers and their clients a top priority.