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Best Tree to have in your yard for a colorful fall

Removing a dead or hazardous tree can leave a yard looking bare, and lifeless. However, replacing it with the right specimen can turn a lackluster landscape into a true showpiece. The key is to find a tree that will not only look beautiful in the spring, but in autumn as well. Here are five trees that offer vivid colors in spring, and fall.

Tulip Poplar
The Tulip Poplar tree gives sweet smelling blooms in springtime that attract birds, butterflies, and other small wildlife. This tree is perfect for the nature enthusiast. The Poplar’s lush green leaves give shade in the summertime, and turn the most vibrant yellow in the fall. It is a hardy tree that is disease and pest resistant with the ability to thrive in almost any climate.

Autumn Blaze Red Maple
The Autumn Blaze Red Maple is a mix of the Silver Maple, and the Red Maple tree. It is a great tree to have in densely populated areas because it is not affected by pollution. The Blaze Red Maple is also considered a low maintenance tree because it does not drop seed pods in the springtime. During fall, it’s large green leaves turn a breathtaking crimson that will add a splash of color to any dreary landscape.

Autumn Cherry Tree
The Autumn Cherry Tree blooms in the spring, and the fall. This double blooming gives twice as many months to enjoy the ethereal white flowers that the tree produces. While other trees have brown leaves in fall, the Autumn Cherry will be the only one on the block still bearing flowers.

Carolina Beauty Crape Myrtle
The Carolina Beauty Crape Myrtle is extremely durable and nearly impervious to droughts. It also flourishes in both hot and cold climates. It provides the bulk of it’s blooms in summer and fall. It’s brilliant colored blossoms can range from the most intense fuchsia to the sweetest baby pink.

American Sweetgum
The American Sweetgum tree has rich coffee colored bark; green star shaped leaves, and can grow to be seventy five feet tall. It’s large uniformed cone shape can be seen from a great distance. The Sweetgum tree is very robust, and has been known to survive periods of flooding. By far the best part of this tree is the color of it’s fall leaves. It’s leaves range in color from orange, to purple, to a rusty red, and from a distance looks like a blazing fire.

Once a tree has been picked out, it is essential to plant it in the right place. While it may be tempting to add tree planting to the DIY project list, it’s better to defer the job to a professional. Hiring an experienced tree service will ensure that the tree is planted in a place where it has room to grow without interfering with power lines, or other fixed structures. A tree service can also be beneficial for future upkeep; including pruning, crown thinning, and regular inspections for rot, decay, insects, and disease.

Choosing a tree is much different than planting spring flowers. Remember that this decision will have a lasting affect on the landscape. So choose a tree that best suits the style and needs of the yard and home it inhabits.

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