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Best Ways to Decorate Your Property for Halloween

Whether you want to decorate the front lawn of your home or business for Halloween, there are certain things that will instantly provide a spooky and seasonal feel. Each of the following tips contains products that can easily be obtained at any Halloween store, and if you happen to be crafty, you can probably make a lot of the necessary pieces, too.

1.) Spiderwebs – Nothing sets the Halloween ambiance more than spiderwebs, and this is also one of the easiest and most cost efficient things that you can do. Covering the tops of your shrubs and small trees with cobweb material can be done for just a few dollars, and everyone who sees it will instantly think of Halloween.

2.) Jack O’ Lantern Display – A fun way to get your family or co-workers involved in the process of decorating your property is to have a pumpkin carving party. Once all of the pumpkins have been turned into jack o’ lanterns, they will provide you with the perfect decorations to line your porch or walk way. Fill them with flameless candles to really bring them to life and to provide a source of light for trick-or-treaters.

3.) Scarecrow – Anyone can create a scarecrow with some old clothing, a jack o’ lantern and a few of barrels of hay. Simply take an old outfit and stuff it full of hay until the scarecrow can sit up on its own. Next, complete the look by placing a jack o’ lantern where the head would be. If you really want to scare people, consider hiding a motion detector near the scarecrow that makes scary music play as people approach it.

4.) Miniature Graveyard – Anyone can construct a miniature graveyard on their lawn by utilizing a handful of fake headstones. If you make your own headstones, you will even have the added bonus of getting to put humorous or scary names on each of them. To really heighten the mood, you can place a small fog machine behind the graveyard, and set it to go off on regular intervals.

5.) Animated Props – Props that come to life in front of your visitors’ eyes are always a great way to embrace the spirit of the holiday. Zombies are one of the most popular horror characters in pop culture right now, so putting an animated zombie prop on your lawn is the perfect idea.

6.) Strobe Lights – A miniature strobe light aimed towards some of the items on display in your lawn is a great way to create a slightly disorienting effect. Placing a solid colored filter, especially a red one, over the front of the strobe will help your strobe effect stand out from everyone else’s.

Although people do associate Halloween with dead things, your yard display will be dangerous rather than fun if a dead tree is part of the overall scene. To ensure that all of this year’s trick-or-treaters will be able to safely enjoy your decorated lawn, contact us today to receive a dead tree removal quote.

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