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Best Winter Trees

Planting trees is a great way to not only add a unique visual appeal to your property, but to increase your property’s curb appeal as well. If you’re looking for trees that look especially beautiful during the winter season, then be sure to consider some of these following options:

  • The Coral Bark Maple – This tree is perfect for smaller spaces. This gorgeous specimen boasts bright coral-colored branches and beautiful green foliage. During the fall as the temperature begins to drop, the foliage will transform into stunning shades of red and orange. During the winter the branches will take on a unique red look, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Be sure to plant the tree in well-drained soil and in an area that receives full sunlight but still offers some shade in the afternoons.
  • The Colorado Blue Spruce – This type of blue spruce is perfect for medium-sized properties due to its size and its slow rate of growth. Out of all the blue spruce varieties, the Colorado blue spruce is the most blue. It also boasts an elegant shape, which it maintains even when layered with heavy snow. Although the tree offers a touch of color to any property throughout the year, it is during the wintertime when it is covered with snow or frost that it looks at its best. Plant in acidic, well-drained soil in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.
  • The Himalayan Birch – This medium-sized tree is sure to draw the eye in any winter garden due to its chalk-white branches and trunk. Its bark also has a creamy look that appears to have a pinkish hue during the winters. In addition to being beautiful additions to any property, the Himalayan birch is easy to maintain as it can be planted in a wide variety of conditions, such as alkaline or acidic soils and in dry or wet areas.
  • Tibetan Cherry – This tree tends to offer properties a fantastic look throughout the year. During the spring, the tree will sprout small white flowers and in the fall its leaves will transform into red and amber. However, it’s an especially popular choice among property owners due to its mahogany-like bark that peels at a young age.

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