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Tree Care Tips for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to plant a new tree and make sure your older trees are ready for the winter ahead. Rick’s Tree Service can take care of any of your last-minute fall tree care needs and help get your trees ready to come back lively in the spring. Follow these Ten Tips for Caring for Trees in the Fall and you’ll have beautiful, healthy trees for seasons to come.

1. Use the fall to plant any saplings you’ve been thinking about. Mild fall temperatures and increased precipitation give young trees a great opportunity to develop strong root networks.

2. Any trees that are not fully established, as well as the ones planted from above, should be staked and secured in place. Cold snaps and low/freezing temperatures can be hard on a tree’s stability.

3. Any tree that has rotten or dying limbs should be pruned. When snow and ice build up on tree limbs, the extra weight can cause breakage and potential damage.

4. If any tree branches are hanging over power lines or service lines, get them trimmed. The limb doesn’t need to be fully removed, but taking off some of the excess can ensure safe power lines during the winter.

5. Tree limbs, or entire trees that are rotting or dying, should be removed. If a tree is struggling during the fall, it most likely won’t make it through a hard winter, so removing the tree and planting a new sapling while you can is the best option.

6. Bug problems should be dealt with now as well. Bugs will only burrow deeper when the cold winter comes, which means more destruction inside the tree system.

7. Watering should be continued throughout the fall, especially on saplings and decaying trees.

8. Aerate roots that are in packed dirt, or near heavily trafficked areas. Roots need to breathe, and giving them one last good breath before winter will help them make it to spring.

9. Keep mulch a good height. Similar to aerating, too much mulch will cause root suffocation and hurt the tree.

10. Setup and prune your trees so that when next spring arrives, a clean slate can be built on.

These Ten Tips for Caring for Trees in the Fall will help your trees live through the winter and thrive in the spring.  Contact Rick’s Tree Service for any tree needs, including tree trimming and removal.

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