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Tree Services for Fall

Considering professional tree services as fall approaches? You take care of your lawn, fertilize it, prune it and ensure that it is free from pests, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your trees, which are after all, an extension of your lawn? Trees require the basic care and attention that any other part of a lawn does. Trees are vulnerable to weather changes, soil conditions and pests too. Additionally, trees have some unique challenges. Did you know that in certain parts of the United States, there are fungi that parasitically attack trees? With fall fast approaching, there are a few general tree services you should address to prepare your trees for the upcoming seasons.

Tree Services for Fall Offered by Tree Removal and Land Clearing Specialists

If it’s the first time having tree services for fall, you should have them evaluated – for all intents and purposes, a tree check up. It is important to know your trees’ current conditions for effective maintenance. Understanding pests and diseases which affect trees in your area is invaluable to keeping your plants healthy. As part of their “check up,” treating them against pests and weather conditions is a must.

Monitoring and regulating the soil quality of your trees’ locations is also very important. Checking the soil will allow you and your service provider to create a fertilization schedule. Trees benefit from timely fertilization, but if you provide too much fertilizer, it can actually end up harming your trees. Also, pruning is a small but essential responsibility for keeping your trees healthy and beautiful.

If you are looking for a true professional to help you with your fall maintenance needs in Delaware or the Philadelphia area, try Rick’s Tree Service. Rick’s Tree Service has been providing quality fall tree services since 1992 and can tackle any tree need, whether big or small. From pruning and maintenance, to hazard assessment and removal, Rick’s can handle it. Should you find yourself with an emergency at an awkward hour, Rick’s will be there even then with their 24 hour emergency services.

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