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Winter Tree Care

Trees are known for being strong and stable throughout the seasons. Winter trees can withstand cold temperatures and can bring character and beauty to a landscape. However, they still need to be looked after to ensure that they are healthy and undamaged. There are a few ways to maintain vital trees throughout the winter season.

First, trim trees to get rid of old branches and leaves that are hanging. This will help the health of the tree and give it a groomed look. Pruning is one of the best ways to care for trees during the winter. This is important during storms and bad weather, as they can wreak havoc on trees. Make sure they are firmly rooted and the area is clear of fallen branches.

Make sure trees are watered. The cold weather can zap them of moisture. This is important especially for potted trees. Also, make sure they are clear of snow and ice, as it can weigh branches down.

Keep a look out for animals that might try to eat leaves or berries off of trees. Squirrels, rabbits, and other critters can leave scratches, bite marks, and break branches.

If you are looking for help in the maintenance of your trees, Rick’s Tree Service can help. They provide services for winter care, including tree trimming, maintenance, and storm debris removal. Their hardworking staff will help you with any concerns you have about the health of your trees this winter season. They provide tree trimming Radnor, tree trimming Chester Springs, tree trimming Wilmington, tree trimming Hockessin, tree trimming Newark, and many other locations throughout Southeastern PA & DE.

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