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Winter Tree Maintenance

Anyone with trees on their property is lucky to have them. Trees offer shade from the sun not to mention a beautiful natural feature to their landscape that improves the curb appeal of their property. However, having trees on your property means that you have to maintain them – they are just like shrubs and other plants in that they need to be trimmed regularly. The following are a few of the main reasons why tree maintenance is so important:

  • Aesthetic Value – Trimming your property’s trees will keep them looking beautiful. By allowing branches to grow every which way without trimming them, your trees will end up looking crowded. Not to mention that they can end up completely blocking out the sunlight or disturbing your view from your home if their branches aren’t trimmed down on a regular basis.
  • Safety – In some cases, trimming your trees is necessary for safety purposes. Dead branches that simply hang there are a risk to anyone or anything below. The last thing you want is for a heavy wind to come in and knock these dead branches loose, causing property damage or potential injuries to anyone below. Branches that grow too close to your home or to nearby power lines should be cut back as well.
  • Health – Trimming the branches of a tree provides the tree with health benefits as well. For one, properly trimming back the branches of a healthy tree will help to promote the healthy growth of new branches. Sometimes, branches can be infected by disease. In cases such as these, the branches need to be removed immediately to avoid having the disease spread throughout the entire tree. Branches that have been infested with insects should also be removed in order to prevent the spread of the infestation throughout the rest of the tree.

These are just a few reasons why you should regularly maintain your property’s trees. If you are in need of tree trimming services, be sure to contact Rick’s Tree Service, your tree service Southeastern PA. They provide a number of services that include tree trimming, deadwood removal, hazard assessments, complete tree removal, stump removal, lot and land clearing, timber buying and more. Be sure to contact Rick’s Tree Service for more information about their services in the Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware areas.

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