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Best Trees for Tree Houses

Tree houses are childhood palaces filled with adventure and deserve to be the centerpiece of any family’s backyard. This portal to a make-believe world relies heavily on a humble tree and when it comes to building this fortress-of-play, selecting the right tree is important.

There are several types of trees that are suitable for a tree house. Oak and maple trees are the ideal species as both of these are very dense and sturdy. Their thick trunks allow a good foundation; making the building process much easier than if a thinner variety of tree was selected.

These trees are more likely to support the weight of a tree-house project and continue to grow with little consequence.

Of course, other trees can be perfectly acceptable choices. Coniferous varieties are often a better choice than a deciduous tree as they do not shed their leaves.

This means that the tree house will be more camouflaged and protected a little better from the elements. Primarily, the tree needs to be a strong, healthy specimen capable of withstanding the added stresses a construction project and boisterous play will bring.

If you happen to have a robust, prominent apple tree in your yard, then it could well be the perfect choice!

The location of the tree is important when building tree houses. Other than the safety elements of wanting to be able to supervise your child, you need to be conscious of invading on your neighbor’s privacy.

Trees that are close to fences, structures and drive-ways may already be stressed. The shape of the tree has a say in the construction process too. The height of the fort is often determined by the large supporting tree branches that become the struts for the main structure.

Safety is paramount when it comes to building a tree house for your child. Assessing the health of the tree is vital before commencing your project.

If the tree is not healthy to start with, then it will not be able to handle the stress of children clamoring through its branches. A diseased or damaged tree is a hazard. Trees can have health issues that are not noticeable to the untrained eye.

Seeking the advice of a professional would guarantee peace of mind when it comes to providing a safe play area for your child.

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