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How Do Trees Grow Old and Die

What is a tree’s life cycle?

Like all living things, trees have a life cycle that goes from genesis to death. Every tree has a different lifespan, but larger trees last longer overall and are more sturdy. When a large tree finally dies, its carcass can become an eyesore or even a danger to homeowners. Dead trees or “snags” as they are sometimes called begin to fall apart over time, their limbs becoming brittle. This leads to falling limbs and the weakened tree structure being vulnerable to high winds. If you’re not careful, a dead tree could fall on your home during a storm or a strong wind.

What are the signs when a tree dies?

The most obvious sign when a tree dies is its failure to bud new leaves in the spring. A tree without any green is a dying tree or a dead one. In addition, bark may come loose easier and insects will take up residence inside the tree. Normally, the tree’s natural defenses help repel insect invaders, but when the tree dies this is no longer the case and it can easily become infested. Watch for pests or bees nesting excessively in the tree’s limbs or body, and signs of wood damage such as boreholes or tracks from beetles. Overall, if any tree goes a year or more without budding new leaves, it is most certainly dead and should be disposed of as soon as possible. Large trees can be very tricky to dispose of, so be sure to trust this job to an expert!

What can be done to remove the tree?

Our company, Rick’s Tree Service, knows exactly what to do with dead trees. What’s better, we know how to remove them properly. Removing a dead tree or snag can be an extremely risky process, especially if it’s a large one or if the trunk has begun to rot away. Rick’s Tree Service has the specialists you need to take care of this problem before it becomes any worse. With service extending to many Philadelphia counties, you can count us in on the tree removal process. And with affordable rates and intelligent removal that doesn’t damage your yard or property, it will be well worth the wait to get the old dead tree out of sight.

We staff competent landscapers, lumber experts and disposal crews to swiftly get rid of an expired tree. Our careful removal process takes the tree away at the roots, so you don’t need to worry about stumps clogging up your yard and blocking your mower. This kind of complete and total removal service is only available at Rick’s Tree Service, so call today.

We also provide many other removal services including brush and limb removal, and even storm cleanup. We’re proud to service the rural Southeast Pennsylvania area, and we have plenty of opportunities available for homeowners looking to clear up their lawns and backyards. Don’t let a dead or dying tree take up your yard–call Rick’s to have it removed.

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