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How to Choose the Right Tree Surgeon

Trees add beauty and value to our property. To keep them healthy, it is often essential to hire a tree surgeon to trim them. Experts can sometimes save a tree that inexperienced tree trimmers may destroy. Occasionally, a tree service needs to remove a diseased or damaged tree. Homeowners who work on their own trees risk injury to themselves or others, destruction of nearby buildings or damage to the trees.

When seeking help for your trees, research which companies offer certified tree surgeons because not all tree services have certified personnel. Companies with good reputations typically have good ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and customer review sites, such as Angie’s List. Many times, you can ask for customer references to see the type of work a firm does.

Reputable companies have bonded workers and insurance to cover any damage that may occur. Generally, homeowners’ insurance does not cover hired workers, such as tree trimmers. Ask to see the certificates and proof of insurance. Rick’s Tree Service has a link on their website that shows their Certificate of Liability Insurance.

It is important to choose a tree service that understands the local and state laws. For example, Pennsylvania has strict laws concerning its state tree, the dogwood, and people cannot remove dogwood trees without permission from the governing agency. Even trimming the dogwoods can have legal ramifications. Other laws that tree surgeons have to consider are prescriptive easements, trespass laws and more. Often, certified arborists testify in court when someone damages another person’s tree.

A firm’s business practices can indicate if they are honest and reliable. Companies, such as Rick’s Tree Service, should give you a written quote instead of a verbal estimate. Some companies give an estimate and amend it as they go. Rarely, a job will involve more work or money than initially estimated, and an honest firm will not proceed without the customer’s permission.

Often, people fail to consider all factors of the job. A good tree surgeon will anticipate this. For example, some people want the logs but forget to mention it until the workers have completely cleared the site. Some services do not include site clean up or they charge extra for it. A reliable firm will address these issues up front.

Another indicator of a good tree surgeon is the number of years of service in the community. Trees are a large investment and a major part of a homeowner’s property value. If a person or firm is not skilled, they generally do not survive. Rick Mammucari established Rick’s Tree Service in 1992, and the firm has grown over the years. Longevity is one of the best indicators of a good tree service.

Whether your trees are large, towering shade trees or small, decorative specimens, the tree surgeon you choose must have the proper equipment. This ranges from state-of-the-art hand tools for pruning to cranes for large-scale work. Make sure the company that you hire has the tools for doing a proper job.

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