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How to tell if your tree service is reputable

Unfortunately, not all tree service firms are trustworthy. Homeowners and business owners who need trees trimmed or removed must research area companies carefully. Often, people cannot judge the reliability of a tree service company. A tree can be a major asset in terms of aesthetic beauty and real estate value. An unreliable trimming service can easily destroy that investment.

Many factors go into being a reputable business. Some tools that consumers use are the Better Business Bureau and websites like Angie’s List. These resources often feature negative reviews of bad companies as well as positive reviews for good firms. Frequently, people choose a company because a friend, relative or other trusted person has recommended it.

Tree surgeons and other arborists can obtain certification through associations. Although most states do not require certification for tree service companies, many states offer voluntary certification for tree experts. When inquiring about a company’s credentials, ask if they have certified tree experts on staff.

Reputable tree service firms, including Rick’s Tree Service, will have insurance to cover any damages that may occur. Rick Mammucari, the owner of Rick’s, displays his proof of insurance on his website. Unreliable companies normally do not carry insurance. Typically, a homeowner’s insurance policy excludes coverage for damage by hired workers, such as workers from a tree service firm, plumbers, electricians or other service workers.

Since anyone can open a tree service firm, consumers must be vigilant in seeking out reputable firms. Reading customer reviews can provide good insight into the quality of services offered by a company. However, they should be careful as some unhappy customers may leave behind negative reviews, which can be unreasonable sometimes. In turn, there could cause a sharp decline in the number of clients and reduce the visibility of the company on the map. In order to revitalize their reputation, these companies should remove negative google reviews with the help of reliable sources. That way, they can retain a good image and show that they are reliable.

Another common problem is the verbal contract or the written estimate. Verbal agreements rarely hold up in court, and estimates — verbal or written — can change without notice. Before employing a company, get a written quote or contract.

Some of the details that a contract should include are the total price, a detailed description of the work to be done, the dates the work will be done and any optional work. You and the tree service should agree on any optional work, such as stacking logs for firewood, before signing the contract. A few companies pad their bills by adding fees for services rendered, including site clean-up and debris removal. Companies like Rick’s Tree Service have a reputation for not adding hidden fees.

Although businesses need state licenses to operate, these licenses do not protect the consumer from “fly-by-night” con artists. Beware of any company that goes door-to-door or posts flyers to find customers. The most of the reputable tree trimming services have a long history of operating in the area. Rick established Rick’s Tree Service in 1992, and he has built a positive reputation in the Philadelphia area and nearby Delaware regions.

Reputable tree service companies need the proper equipment to do the work. This includes everything from hand tools to large equipment, like cranes, forestry trucks, bucket trucks, stump removers and other specialty machinery. When assessing a company, ask what type equipment the workers will use. Another important issue is safety. Dependable firms consider the safety of their workers and their clients a top priority.

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