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How to Tell It’s Time to Cut a Tree Down

Tall, mature trees add value and beauty to your property. However, they can cause a lot of damage if they become diseased and start dropping large limbs on your house or vehicle.

Most home insurance policies will only cover repair costs if you keep the trees around the home healthy and alive. Dead or damaged trees should be removed before they put you and your family at risk.

Look for these signs when trying to determine if a tree needs removal or can be salvaged with the care of a professional arborist.


Check the leaves on the trees around your home. Any tree that has no leaves or even buds when the rest in its species are fully covered are likely suffering from a serious issue or dead.

If a tree starts losing its leaves in the middle of the growing season, call an arborist for an immediate inspection.


Cracks in the largest limbs show that the tree can’t support the weight anymore. These limbs will eventually fall, leaving large holes in your roof that could lead to you having to call someone like this roof repair company in Denver, or wherever you are, or the windshield of your car.

Removing cracked limbs as soon as you notice the damage could preserve the health of the rest of the tree. Cracks can allow rot and disease to penetrate the heartwood of the tree, killing a mature tree in just a few months.

Holes and Decay

It’s acceptable for large trees to have a few dead branches or missing pieces of bark, especially in the upper areas of the tree. However, large sections of decay and holes in the trunk are more serious symptoms.

Look for insect damage or rot along the trunk, especially around the base.

Falling Bark

When big chunks of bark begin falling off of the tree, check that this is not a normal feature of the species. These falling debris can collect in the gutter which might block the water flow. Though such problems can be avoided by installing gutter guards with the assistance of firms like Mastershield or similar gutter service providers, removing the tree might also be necessary. Additionally, these falling barks can also cause damage to the property itself. If the chunk of bark is heavy, it can cause serious damage to your roof. You may then have to look for a roof repair expert (similar to the ones at this marietta ga roofing company) who can fix the roof damage. Therefore it is advised to plant trees at a substantial distance from the building. A few trees commonly planted around the home need to shed their old bark every few years.

Removing a large tree can be a dangerous project for a homeowner to handle. It is advised to hire a professional tree removal service (such as Tallahassee Tree Pros) to ensure that no one gets injured and your property doesn’t get damaged in the process.

Situations that might demand the removal of a tree often arise due to storms, severe rainfall, and gusty winds. In addition to that, it might be important to keep the above-listed signs in mind to avoid any mishaps due to the falling of a tree.

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