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How to Stop Deer From Eating Tree Bark

Ornamental trees can be a great accessory for many yards and outdoor areas. While ornamental trees can add to the appearance of a home or building, it can be difficult to maintain them in good condition. In many cases, deer will eat the bark off certain types of trees for nourishment. While this isn’t a problem in the wilderness, it can be an issue if it happens in one’s backyard. The following blog post provides effective tricks and tips on how to stop deer from eating tree bark.

Deer will eat a variety of different plants in their natural environment. This can include leaves, grass, acorns, flowers, bark and small insects. If a deer gets into one’s yard, it may eat ornamental flowers, tree bark and garden vegetables.

To keep deer out of a yard, it’s a good idea to use a deer repellent spray. A deer repellent spray is usually made from concentrated urine from a predator species. This can include coyote, bobcat or cougar urine. However, deer may also be repelled with regular dog urine. If an individual has a pet dog, it’s a good idea to let it urinate and defecate around one’s yard. In many cases, the scent from a dog’s droppings can be an effective way to repel deer.

A fence, possibly installed by a firm similar to Atlantic Fence (atlanticfence.ca) can also be an effective way to keep deer out of one’s yard. However, it’s important to remember that deer are very agile. In many cases, deer will be able to jump over a fence that is less than eight feet tall. If an individual wants to keep deer out of his or her yard, it may be necessary to build a fence that is at least 12 feet tall.

If this isn’t practical, it may be possible to transform Your home with a White Hampton style fence and complete it with an electrified wire at the top. This way, you can rest easy knowing that the deer would not be able to enter your home premises.

In the case of buildings, residents of the society can contact a local commercial fencing company that can build a protective fence enclosing the building. With the help of Google and search queries like “Richmond Commercial Fencing“, such companies can be located. Installing a strong and high fence around the building can be an effective way to keep deer away from entering the premise.

It’s also a good idea to incorporate a noise alert system in one’s yard or garden. A noise alert system consists of a specialized motion detector with a buzzer. If the motion detector senses any activity in one’s yard, a buzzer will automatically activate. In many cases, this will scare off any deer that are trying to graze in one’s yard.

It’s also possible to protect trees with a layer of chicken wire. By wrapping the lower five feet of a tree trunk with chicken wire, it’s often possible to reduce the risk of bark damage. It’s important to remember that deer will not only eat bark; in many cases, bucks will rub their head against the side of a tree to leave a scent. This can also cause extensive damage to a tree.

Deer can be a headache for a homeowner and his or her family. While deer can be an annoyance, it’s possible to keep them out of one’s yard by following the above tips. In addition to keeping deer away, the tips listed above can keep away other nuisance species too.

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