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How to care for Fruit Trees

Planting fruit trees is a delightful way to add beautiful foliage to the yard, which will bloom in the spring and produce fruit in the late summer and early fall. Here are some basic planting and growing tips for deciduous fruit trees, which will help to produce healthy and bountiful plants.

Fruit trees should be planted in well-drained soil and full sun. This is essential for your favourite tropical fruits bearing trees as well. They can be planted in raised beds if there are drainage problems.

Plum, apple and pear trees are more resilient and can grow in ground that has less favorable conditions. Bare-root trees, which are sold during the dormant months should be planted immediately after purchase, trees in containers can be planted a little later. Hard soil must be loosened to allow for root growth.

When planting, gently loosen the tree’s root ball and make sure that the hole is twice the size of the root ball and then add the surrounding soil to the hole.

Do not dig the hole deeper than the root ball, so the tree does not sink beneath its root crown. Compost can be added to the soil, but do not add fertilizer.

Dig a basin around the tree, which is slightly bigger than the planting hole. Mulch the area around the tree, approximately 3 to 6 inches, but keep the mulch away from the truck to avoid insect infestation and crown rot.

Remove the basin during the winter months to keep the water from pooling around the tree. Heading fruit trees is important to keep the trees small, and encourages the trees to grow outward.

Fruit trees should produce well if properly cultivated. Once established they require less frequent watering.

Protect them from sunburn and borer insects by painting them with latex paint diluted by half with water. Paint the entire tree trunk, beginning 2 inches below the ground line.

Training and pruning the young tree during the summer is necessary to create the correct shape and size, along with dormant pruning. Fruit trees are a welcomed addition to any landscape, adding years of lasting beauty.

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