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How to Pick Apples

The arrival of fall means that it is time to start picking apples. There is nothing that tastes better than an apple that has been picked straight from the tree. While picking apples can be fun, you should make sure that you are doing so in a safe manner.

Would you like to pick the best apples this fall season? Visiting an apple orchard or checking out a farmer’s market for Apple Picking may be an option near you. Many of these places will provide you with ladders and baskets so that you can pick apples. Make sure to follow the safety guidelines that are given to you by the orchard or farmer’s market staff. Along with that, here are some more things to think about when picking apples this year.
Don’t Pull The Apple Straight From The Tree

An apple should be twisted a little bit as you pick it from the tree. This will allow it to come off the tree gently and without bruising. Don’t worry if you see two apples sharing one stem. You can usually pick them both off at the same time without damaging either piece of fruit.

How Can I Tell If An Apple Is Ripe?

The easiest way to tell if an apple is ripe is to ask the farmer who grew the apples. They will keep track of how long the apples have been growing on the tree. A good rule of thumb is to choose an apple that has grown in the center of the tree because those will ripen faster. When you pick the apple, it should feel firm. This will tell you that an apple is ripe enough to eat.

Can I Pick An Apple Off The Ground?

Yes, you can pick an apple up off the ground. Make sure that you wash it before your consume it. In fact, make sure that you are washing any produce that you consume regardless of where you get it. However, make sure that the apple is still fully intact. Worms and other insects like to bore through apples.

Should I Be Worried About Pesticides?

Farmers often used pesticides to keep bugs off of the fruit. Generally, the apples will be safe for eating after being thoroughly washed. If you were to get your apples from the grocery store, you would most likely be buying something that has been artificially preserved and cleaned with chemicals. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about pesticides used by farmers as long as you wash whatever you buy. If you are really concerned about chemicals, you can always choose to buy organic apples instead.

Make Sure That You Are Bundling Up

It can get cold in the month of October. Part of staying safe is making sure that you are dressed properly for the weather. Be sure that you have your coat and maybe even your gloves. The good news is that many apple farms will offer hot apple cider for its guests on those cold Saturday mornings.

Going apple picking is a tradition that many generations of people have enjoyed. Taking your kids to pick apples is a great way to spend a weekend morning during the fall. Just make sure that you are being careful while you are picking your apples. Apple trees are only fun if you are staying safe. If you need help with trees in your own yard, visit us at rickstreeservice.com.

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