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How to Tell if a Fir Tree is Dying

Signs of Tree Death

Fir trees can last an impressively long time with the right nutrients and environment to live in. However, when one does begin to die, it immediately becomes a problem. Fir trees can grow in excess of fifty feet tall, so when they begin to die, all that wood immediately becomes a hazard for everyone nearby. A fir tree that has stood tall through several storms can easily become unstable and topple once it loses its vitality. This can lead to downed power lines, road hazards, home damage, or even injury for those living near it.

If your fir tree is showing signs of excessive bark loss, if the wood becomes extremely pale or white in color, and if you see excessive insect infestation and no sap emerging from the tree at any time, it’s likely dying. In this case, it’s best to prepare for the tree’s removal. If you act quickly, you can even topple it and cut it up for purposes of lumber or firewood storage. If you delay, however, the tree could become a serious danger to you and those living near you.

Opportunities for Tree Removal

Attempting to remove an entire fir tree yourself is very hazardous and is not recommended. Improper removal can bring the tree down in a number of ways that might cause damage to your property. Instead, why not call a tree or lumber removal service? This saves you time, effort, and risk in your yard. Call a professional service, and if you live in the Southeast Pennsylvania area, without a doubt call Rick’s Tree Service.

Why to Call Rick’s Tree Service

Rick’s Tree Service is a fast and affordable tree removal company based in the rural Southeast Pennsylvania area and surrounding counties. We will be glad to take the old fir tree off your property with zero complications or damage to your home or yard. Especially during storm season, these trees can be a serious hazard, so it’s best to get fir trees removed as quickly as possible. Rick’s Tree Service employs a full staff of capable, well-trained technicians who will be glad to work with you to minimize damage to your yard or property.

Taking fir trees down can be a lengthy process, but it’s best to do it right and do it permanently. We also offer complete stump removal and limb removal services for the residue left behind by the tree. All these services are low-cost, maximum efficiency procedures that will leave your yard looking cleaner and more more open than ever.

When you call Rick’s Tree Service, you’re not just buying a tree removal service: you’re buying peace of mind. Dead fir trees that fall in a storm can cause great destruction to your home and even your power grid. In addition, they’re a crumbling eyesore that should be removed as quickly as possible to make your property more appealing. If you want these services at a reasonable rate, call Rick’s!

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