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Rick’s Tree Service specializes in tree trimming and tree removal. They specialize in excellent customer service and great prices. When you call them, they will come out to give you a free evaluation and estimate for their services. They are available 24 hours a day for emergencies that often strike unexpectedly. The staff is ready and prepared to work in the worst weather.

Are you afraid of having trees or branches on your property at home or near your business that might fall? They can remove trees close to the utility line that are ready to fall due to rot or dry, worn-out wood. Even large trees are easy for them to remove completely.

A tree that is decayed is an accident waiting to happen. Why wait? Have the tree removed before it falls and damages a home or building. When you need trees cleared professionally and on schedule, count on Rick’s Tree Services.

Your trees can represent up to 10% of your property’s value in addition to contributing to the beauty and atmosphere of your home.

It is important to remember that trees, like any other part of your home, also need maintenance. You can help protect them by employing a tree care expert.

Stump grinding is another service they provide when complete trees are removed. This helps remove the potential for accidents when someone falls or trips. Often after grinding and removal of the stump, you can plant grass or even a garden in the spot that’s left.

Rick’s Tree Services can clear lots up to 100 acres for builders, homeowners, or anyone clearing land. We have the equipment and staff to do the job the right way. When your woods are overgrown with brush, the forest mower can remove brush and trees quickly. They can clear an acre a day, removing weeds, vines, bushes, and trees.

The benefits of clearing your backyard property is that you can increase the value and give your property a better visual look. Removing the bushes and brush will keep animals that carry ticks from having a place to live. This make it easier to plant gardens or grass to make your home or business property look spectacular.

Call Rick’s Tree Service to get an estimate on your tree trimming, tree removal, or land clearing needs today.

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Our outstanding 24-hour live customer service is ready to take your call at any time and dispatch crews to resolve your problem before it becomes a disaster.

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FREE Tree Safety Evaluation

Free consultation regarding the health and safety of all of your trees. We will check for decay, disease, and stability issues that you might be overlooking.


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