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Rick’s Tree Service has an experienced team of professionals that will ensure better plant health for all your trees, shrubs, and other plants. We are a trusted provider of plant healthcare in Philadelphia, the Main Line, Delaware, and the surrounding areas, and we will protect your trees and shrubs and make sure they receive the attention they deserve.

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Why Plant Health Care?

With the recent rise in plant diseases caused by insects, pests, and other environmental issues, plant healthcare is fast becoming a necessary part of a successful tree care strategy. These days, trees and other plants feel stressed in multiple ways. When they lack plant nutrients, they are prone to harboring plant diseases, attracting insects that are harmful to them, and to the surrounding environment.

Trees can also become deficient of plant nutrients and become highly susceptible to plant diseases if they are subjected to extreme weather conditions, poor soil, repeated physical stress, and lack of sufficient resources. Some tree owners overlook or are just not aware of the importance of paying attention to plant health. If you have not made plant health a priority, you are putting your trees, shrubs, and other plants at risk for greater damage from these environmental factors and greater cost to you in the long run.


plant-health-newWhy Choose Rick’s Tree Service for Your Plant Health Care?

Rick’s Tree Service is a Philadelphia area plant healthcare expert and has been in the tree care business since 1992. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have healthy plants and that they are well educated on the importance of plant pest control and better plant health. Rick’s Tree Service has an effective plant health care program to make sure that your trees and other plants will remain healthy and help improve the landscape’s aesthetic and purpose, which will eventually increase the market value of your property.

Philadelphia’s top tree experts from Rick’s Tree Service employ close monitoring, preventive treatments, and a commitment to quality that will keep your trees and plants in the best condition possible. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to merge the latest technology with the plant healthcare skills that we have acquired from more than twenty years of perfecting the craft.

Our team at Rick’s Tree Service are committed to sustainable plant healthcare. Our program is built around offering ecological options for our clients to help maintain their property. By using our services, we can improve the visual aesthetics of a property and also help maintain overall good health of the landscape. We are dedicated to low impact and low residual effects of treatment on the local environment. We are committed to providing plant healthcare solutions that fit the client’s needs. We employ trained staff and use state of the art application methods to reduce the exposure to our clients and the natural landscape.

Our fertilization services are designed to offer low impact solutions to help correct nutrient deficiencies and to improve overall soil ecology. We utilize an organic all-natural solution designed for the specific needs of our local area, included in this solution are micronutrients and mycorrhizae to help simulate a natural forest environment. Fertilizing your trees and shrubs can improve foliage color, better root growth, denser canopies, and enhance resistance to pests and diseases in the local landscape.

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